Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have a very Mellow New Year!

Happy New Year friends! What an amazing year! With expectations that 2010 will be even BETTER!!

So much has been accomplished, not exactly how I had anticipated, regardless, amazing strides have taken place. The long long long hours needed to be persistent about the end goal...Mellow, have been worthwhile. Even though we did not launch our all natural formula in 2009, it is right around the corner!

Hang in there, I assure you Mellow is worth the wait, I just so happen to know because I have personally put many years of my life into researching, creating, developing, and branding this amazing beverage!

Mellow will be a much needed stress reliever that will provide extraordinary balance to your mind, body, and life! So essentially very soon, you will reap all the benefits of my "non" Mellow moments, and believe me there have been MANY!

Maybe upon reflection(*smile*)...being a perfectionist has probably been the root of most of my stress, no matter though because I will soon release Mellow proudly, knowing I am bringing the most superior product to YOU!! I have reformulated Mellow over the past three years so many times, that I am certain there is not another product that compares! Me and my team of experts have ROCKED this!! You all would already know this but unexpectedly, right before producing a HUGE batch of Mellow, that was to be immediately released, BAM! another obstacle hit.


Dont worry though, Mellow will release this groovy beverage real soon! Even though this delay appeared on the Mellow scene, we are overcoming...thank you for your continued support and before you know it...ahhhh a refreshing and tasty Mellow will be in your hands!!

Much love and gratitude,
"Monster Perfectionist"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just a small town girl, living in a Mellow world...

Dear Friends,

The ingredients in Mellow are combined to produce a superior blend of herbs and vitamins that will help alleviate your stress and support a balanced immune system. The release of the all natural Mellow will be shortly after the New Year!

Thank you for your continued support, the Mellow family is grateful and is wishing you a season full of peace and love...

Happy Holidays,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Road to Mellow

How often does something come easy? In my world, even though I'm a legend here, not very often. I have experienced, like most, that the road is long, dark and even at times, very cold and wet. Before I begin strumming the lyrics of a sad and lonely country song, (after all I am a small town girl) I want to add that even so, I wouldn't alter my path that has led me here to Mellow for anything.

I have been a slave to this new beverage concept for years, before anyone else began playing with the idea of an all natural relaxation beverage (hey skeptics, I can prove this!). Most never anticipated Mellow coming to it's entire fruition, however, I've managed to create a very big buzz thats not so Mellow and even a little spark of controversy.

Though the climb has been long, and I have to keep on pushing everyday, the reward of releasing Mellow in a bigger way than ever before, will have made it all worth while!

Now I am beginning a new chapter of this journey...so stay tuned...

Peace Love & Mellow


Please feel free to email Shannon@DrinkMellow.com for any questions you may have!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks for your support!

Dearest Mellow Friends,
Be confident that when you Drink Mellow your body will quickly absorb our unique ingredients that create a safe, calming effect. Allow all your cares and worries to drift away. Naturally you can visualize this amazing feeling. Most important of all you experience relaxation, comfort and tranquility from drinking Mellow. Now you have clarity and a calming strength.

You've got what it takes to improve your life, you just needed a little help from us!

Always dream, and enjoy what resulted from our vision,
The Mellow Family

Peace Love & Mellow

A few other locations you can find info about Mellow, all natural relaxation beverage...cut and paste the links below!

Our website will also take you to our Face book page!



Monday, November 23, 2009

Curious about Mellow? Click on the flyer below for a readable view...

Mellow Thoughts...

Dearest Friends,

We hope that you have all the love you seek and give all the love you can, we hope you find peace because after all, its in our hands.

We hope you spread the light that is in you, honoring the ones that have it too! We want you to be here to enjoy the release of Mellow, all natural relaxation beverage soon...so...

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Season, from our family to yours...

Peace Love & Mellow...

Call or email any time for more info about Mellow...
702.635.9006 or Sales@drinkMellow.com

Monday, November 16, 2009

Peace Love & Mellow

Holiday Mellow Sorbet


20 oz. Mellow all natural relaxation beverage
2/3 cup Sparkling wine or cider
2/3 cup organic blue agave nectar
1/4 cup honey
1 cup pureed strained strawberries
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons Grand Marnier or Triple Sec


Blend the strawberries with Mellow. Strain mixture through fine mesh strainer, unless you desire the small pieces of strawberry to be in the sorbet, if so, dont strain.

Bring agave, honey and wine (or cider) to a boil. Stir in pureed fruit, liqueur and lemon juice.

Chill in fridge until very cold. Then taste flavor and adjust to suit your taste with lemon or a little more sweet.

Pour mixture into a cake pan and freeze until half frozen. Then place in food processor to break up big ice chunks. Repeat this process one more time for a nice light texture.

Scoop frozen sorbet into small frozen oranges with the pulp scooped out or a wine glass (make sure you freeze them ahead of time), garnish with mint leaves or fresh fruit, such as raspberries.

Sorbet makes a lovely pause between courses at a long feast such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, however, you can also incorporate the fresh sorbet into a sparkling cocktail for New Years Eve!

Just follow these last two instructions:

Place a couple of small scoops (using a mini cookie dough scooper) of sorbet into a fluted champagne glass and top up with sparkling wine and a splash of your favorite fruit liqueur, my favorite is lychee liqueur with this particular drink. *garnish with your favorite display of love...

I hope you have a fabulous and groovy Holiday Season, with the close launch of Mellow taking most of my time, I stopped for a moment to post one of my favorites ways to enjoy Mellow before the holidays pass us by!

Peace Love & Mellow...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mellow in the winter, drink recipes...Mmmmmmm

Find a warm spot with friends and serve up a few of these, make any of these drink selections "Mocktails", just omit the alcohol!

Peace Tea

2 oz. Mellow all natural relaxation beverage
4 oz. Passion fruit green tea
1.5 oz. Sake
1 oz. Lychee liqueur

Warm the Mellow and tea over low heat until desired temp. Assemble the ingredients in a mug and drop in a cinnamon stick.

Mellow Mimosa

4 oz. Mellow all natural relaxation beverage
3 oz. Champagne or Sparkling cider

Pour half of Mellow in a fluted glass, then all the champagne, finish by slowly pouring the remainder of Mellow.

After "Yoga" Glow

4 oz. Mellow all natural relaxation drink
1.5 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice
1/8 cup frozen strawberries
2 oz. half & half (fat free works too!)
1 oz. Pomegranate liqueur
Ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker over ice, or blend. Serve in a stemmed glass, tastes better somehow!. Omit the liquor for a refreshing drink with just a little guilt...for the days we may not have really gone to yoga!


2 oz. Mellow all natural relaxation beverage
1 oz. tequila
1 oz. Cointreau
3/4 oz. fresh lime juice
1 1/2 oz. organic agave nectar
Salt and lime for garnish (optional)
Ice Cubes

Shake with ice or blend, salt or sugar rim by wiping the rim with an orange or lime slice then dipping glass onto a small plate to garnish.

*Food Network will be stealing this frosting recipe from me soon, hope you do too!

Mellow Cupcakes
...sometimes we need a little treat with a cocktail...

1-1/2 cups Mellow all natural relaxation beverage
4 oz. soft unsalted butter
8 oz. cream cheese, at room temperature
14 oz. powdered sugar
*1.5 oz. Champagne (optional)

Don't waste precious cocktail hour time, manage it by utilizing store bought batter, my favorite mix is red velvet substituting Mellow for the water, its so pretty with the Mellow frosting. But chocolate works really great too! Invest in a mini muffin pan, a fun trick...bake your cupcakes in this and now your treats are smaller with a little less guilt without sacrificing decadence.

Bake and cool the cupcakes.

Mellow Cream Cheese Frosting:

*Reduce the Mellow over low heat (patience is necessary here, but at least there is more time for another cocktail) down to 3 fl. oz. (*add champagne at this time), allow to cool.
*Place butter into electric mixer bowl with paddle attachment and cream on medium-high speed for 1 minute, add the cream cheese and continue to mix for 2 more minutes, turn the speed down to low and slowly add in the powdered sugar and the Mellow reduction, mix until the sugar is fully combined.
*Remove icing from the mixer and place into a plastic gallon size bag, make a small cut at the end and pipe onto cupcakes! Or place a tip into the cut corner of the bag before piping if a fancier look is wanted!
*Garnish with shaved white chocolate if they last long enough...enjoy! A side note: edible silver glitter is my personal favorite, just in case your feeling like elevating your enjoyment levels!

Speaking of domestic goddesses, make this recipe once and I promise you will find that its actually quite easy, a true no fuss keeper.

I hope to have brought you Peace Love & Mellow...have a safe and fun holiday season!


...for a Mellow time, visit often...lots more recipes to share soon, please leave feedback or email any questions to: Shannon@DrinkMellow.com

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mellow in the sand...

From one of Mellow's biggest fans in San Francisco, CA!

We love you Debbie! Keep on spreading Peace Love & Mellow...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Devoted to keeping you Mellow...

Twitter now has TweetMic, yes...my voice spreading across the Twitter air waves to thousands of Mellow friends...check it out...and help us spread Peace Love & Mellow...


Monday, November 2, 2009

Yes, I am available for comment...

To Whom It May Concern: Attention: the Media,

Please feel free to call Shannon N. Nounna (please note: correct spelling of said name) direct at 702.635.9006, if I am unavailable please leave a detailed message with your contact information and I will respond within a short and reasonable period of time, 7 days a week.

Thank you and remember to spread...

Peace Love & Mellow

To order product or for additional information, please visit:
or email: sales@drinkMellow.com

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mellow's Proprietary Formulation...explained!

Well its finally happening...Mellow's release is near...with that in mind, I thought it was time to remind our loyal friends that have waited for so long for the newly evolved formulation to arrive, of the amazing benefits!

The herbal line up...
Kava Kava, Valerian Root, L-Theanine, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm and Chamomile

The vitamin super stars...
B Vitamin Blend, B-12, and CoQ10

Down & gettin' out the dirty Antioxidants...
Decaf Green Tea

The flavor profile...
Pomegranate, a not too sweet, but sweet enough, smooth thirst quenching ahhhhhh taste

A little sweetness to deliver the good stuff...
Naturally sweetened with Organic Agave Nectar and Stevia (which means low in calories, slow burn, diabetic friendly...no spike = no crash!)

There are NO artificial colors or flavors, no chemicals and no preservatives and NON carbonated (ladies, this was for you!)!

Mellow has evolved from a three ingredient, cold processed regular "joe" beverage to an all natural "super star" relaxation beverage...we are honored to be releasing a drink that can help bring balance back to your life!

Mellow has been packed full of the support we all need to reduce our stress and anxiety levels, help with mental clarity/focus and provide the vitamins necessary to assist our bodies in strengthening our natural resources.

Be happy...drink Mellow...

For a Mellow time...visit...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Balance your Life!

Here is the short version of the last blog...


Be happy...drink Mellow

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mellow is helping wellness evolve, are you?

Beverage Concepts, Inc. (thats us!) has created an all natural relaxation beverage, Mellow, and for the record, we took this task very seriously. After extensive research of the industry, functional ingredients, market trends (consumer demand), organic and natural sweeteners, chemists and labs; every ingredient was intentionally chosen to compliment one another, purposely added to ensure every sip consumed was in fact benefiting the mind and body efficiently. Although not every consumer will experience the same calming effect from Mellow, the overall benefits will be felt as the vitamins and antioxidants absorb and penetrate the body, in turn acting as a preventative measure to support on going health (with the goal Mellow will also help you feel better too!).

We know that many of our claims are seemingly platitudes in a saturated market full of products boasting empty promises and false claims. We are even aware of which companies are guilty and which actually operate with integrity, we adhere to being the latter. Maybe your asking the same questions that inspired us to produce a high quality beverage, how can they get away with this and what can I do? There are various factors that could be stated but the bottom line...loopholes. The current system that guidelines food and beverage products does not, in my opinion, properly protect the consumer. Ouch, that hurt...I may need to change my email address!

To answer the second question, we can make these companies accountable if we don't buy their products. If the product is suppose to provide a function such as, energy, immune strengthening or brain support and you feel there is no difference, don't continue wasting your money! My final advice, know for yourself...know the value of the ingredients listed, if something doesn't feel right to you, it isn't. Consumers are evolving by becoming more educated, more aware that what they consume affects their general well being. Get on board! Demand that products actually be all natural if that is their claim, to provide the function they are selling and to be held responsible when they do not.

Functional foods and beverages (this is Mellow's category) have created an unprecedented opportunity for these type of better products to line the shelves providing a healthier alternative to the sugary, chemical laden substitutes. Contrary to popular belief, the economic down turn has not inhibited the functional sector's growth. So now revealing a bonus (where is that drum roll when you need to announce something huge!) when you purchase our relaxation beverage...Mellow can actually save you, the consumer money by providing you with multiple ingredients shoppers would otherwise have to get in the form of more expensive nutritional supplements! We combined over 9 active ingredients; L-Theanine, Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Kava Kava, Lemon Balm, B Vitamin blend and B-12, also for focus and brain support CO-Q10 and the leader in antioxidants: decaf green tea! When you do your ingredient homework you will find the value we have imparted in every serving of Mellow far exceeds the industry norm, our goal and vision in achieving this is to set the standard higher for the next generation of functional beverages, not to mention providing a superior product to you, our consumers was also top of the list! After all this beverage was created for YOU!

If in the future, products will properly support their claims, for the first time in history the nutrition industry will make a significant stake in the prescription and over the counter drug sectors; whereas in the past consumers were primarily reactive, trying to treat health problems after they arise, today they are more proactive, focusing on overall “wellness” and turning grocery aisles into hunting grounds for healthful, functional foods and beverages that will prevent illness and chronic conditions.


And we could all stand to be better to the bodies we carry around with us everyday, here is to you and your better quality of life!

Be happy...drink Mellow...Balance your Life!

Peace Love & Mellow...

In Health,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pre-order Mellow TODAY!

Ok, its finally time to place your pre-orders for Mellow, all natural relaxation beverage! This new yummy beverage will help relax our minds and calm our stressful lives...

The flavor is a refreshing and great tasting Pomegranate, main active calming ingredients are: Kava Kava, L-Theanine, Valerian Root, and Passion Flower. Other vitamins and anti oxidants are Pomegranate, B-Vitamins, CO-Q10 and Decaf Green Tea. It is sweetened with organic blue agave nectar and stevia, with only 50 calories per serving. Each case has 24-12 oz cans per case, shrink wrapped. There are 80 cases per pallet.

Distributors/Retailers, please email Sales@DrinkMellow.com for cost, minimums and for an estimated delivery time.

Individual orders/sales of quantities under 40 cases will be received beginning October 19th, 2009.

Inquiries or questions are always welcome! Please call the Mellow office @ 702.635.9006 Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm, Pacific Standard Time. Please note...at times we experience high call volumes, if you reach our voice mail, please leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to helping you spread Mellow across the country in order to de-stress humankind!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mellow Cocktail Recipes

A little soon but save these two yummy cocktail recipes!

We will be serving these drinks at Mellow's release party...stay tuned for the date!

Peace Love & Mellow

2 oz Mandarin Vodka
8 oz Mellow, all natural relaxation drink
2 orange slices
Mint leaves
1 tsp. large crystal sugar

**On bottom of glass crush 1 orange slice, mint leaves and sugar enough to release oils from the orange and mint, crush ice in a towel (optional), pour 1 ounce of vodka, pour Mellow and then remaining vodka, stir and garnish with sugar coated remaining orange slice.

For a Mellow Time...

1 part vodka
1 part Mellow, all natural relaxation drink
1 cherry
1 tsp. 24 kt. gold flakes

**Garnish rim with gold. Place a drop of simple syrup at bottom of martini glass, place cherry securely. Shake vodka and Mellow together until cold, slowly pour drink.

Mellow's Biggest Little Fan!

Mellow's First EVER vehicle wrap!!

Mellow's Ingredient Cheat Sheet

Here is the ingredient list in it's entirety:

All Natural, Active Ingredients:

*Kava Kava ~Relaxing properties
*Valerian Root ~Calming elements
*Passion Flower ~Nerve/Stress support
L-Theanine ~Focus/Antioxidant elements
Lemon Balm ~Antibacterial properties, 2007 herb of the year
Chamomile ~Peace elements
CO-Q10 ~Brain support
B-Vitamin Blend ~Immune support
B-12 ~Natural energy source
Decaf Green Tea ~Antioxidant source
Pomegranate ~Antioxidant elements

*Notes archived articles on ingredient available in past Blog posts.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mellow welcomes our newest Team Members!

Here's a typical scenario...I open a new post, begin writing...save it in the draft folder, log out of the blog and continue on with Mellow's never-ending duties! Time and time again. So swirling around my head they have, these thoughts of mine...until now...

In almost one single movement, I slide to the edge of my seat, adjust my wrists, extend my long fingers and straighten my posture. I am struggling a bit today though, I am typing (actually pecking) on a new key board, with keys that are just positioned differently enough that I have to keep correcting misspellings.

Maybe this post should actually be a cry for help, I have, of course realized that I cannot possibly continue wearing all 101 different "hats" while building a relaxation beverage empire (my family wants me to move into Mellow's office until further notice, due to my ill tempered behavior the last couple weeks). Now I say this not because I haven't been offered some help (and have even received some too), I have, however, I must over see (do it for them) this assistance. So what can I do?

Well, I found a solution...bring on more talented people to get Mellow moving forward in full stride, not to mention, they will add to our journey a few more stories! We have two new members to the Mellow team, Jordan Cassel and Tony Richardson, both experienced in sales and marketing and both willing to help Mellow grow!

As I turn down a lovely french song, that has been oozing "sitting in a cafe without a care in the world" musical delight from my speakers all morning, I am now ready to introduce to you, the Mellow supporters, our newest team members...


Jordan Cassel is almost a native to Las Vegas, he has lived here for over 30 years and enjoys the desert, he spends more time outdoors experiencing beautiful Las Vegas hiking, snowboarding, practicing yoga and playing golf and tennis, the only time I know of him coming inside to play is when he is sitting at the nail salon getting his toes painted (this week they are orange and navy blue, in honor of the Chicago Bears!). Actually, he does bake from time to time too! The experience Jordan brings to Mellow is invaluable, as is his energy that "gets it done!". Jordan is an all around great guy, definitely a true asset to Mellow!

Tony Richardson was born and raised in Las Vegas, this makes him born cool (Rodney and I were born and raised here too, so props are always given to natives!). He is a father of two great kids and a man that can enjoy the "Mellow-er" side of life, whether it is listening to classical music, strolling through an art gallery or just dining on his favorite sushi dinner talking about the philosophy of life. He also rides his motorcycle everyday, even in this extreme heat! He is a dedicated die hard with everything he does, we are ecstatic he is on our team!

Mellow welcomes you both and thanks you for believing in us and committing your time and energy to help make Mellow a huge success, we need you both in order for Mellow to achieve a distinct presence in the market place and we are certain you will be here a long time in order to see that happen.

In Health,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dont be bored of me yet!!

Ok, Im feeling a little lag with my readers attention (call it intuition), what can I do to make this more interesting? Hire a principal blogger? No, whats the point, so impersonal? Stop blogging? What, stop talking? Insert a bunch of other blogger articles, sure... a few would be fun. However, I think blogging a little intrigue may help...

Twittering...ok, let me tell you, Im a little obsessed in stirring Mellow around the Twitter "pot" right now, just in the last 24 hours, our Twitter account has improved by over 200% in 4 of the 5 categories (the fifth needing almost no improvement still went up over 15%). There are actually multiple sites that measure this, and I barely know how to Tweet, just wait 'til I get warmed up! This rapid success does come with a price though, I have not showered or have barely left the house in two days, writing this out loud, I am even more disgusted but I am EMERGING (thats a technical Tweeting term btw) into a Twitter powerhouse, an honorable self mention...and my hair thanks me for being able to bask in its own oils that help it maintain a lovely sheen (am I officially guilty of TMI)! Just for the record, I did place and receive a few very important phone calls, and I also worked on Mellow regarding multiple facets (ouch, guilt can bite hard) amongst the barking dogs, delivery drivers (how much can one street of houses need) and landscaper madness going on all day around me.

**side note...Can all this info be held against me at a later, more vulnerable time? I always wonder this when writing, how much to share, what not to mention...this is the very reason I have absolutely NO childhood journals, petrified of any one knowing my deepest thoughts, well this is a good start I suppose in releasing my inhibitions and any "coolness" I may have had left (is that a word anyone older than 10 uses, goes to show you, kids rob you of this long before I was ready to admit it!). I have always taken pride in my mysterious side, which is translated into "why is she so secretive?" so here I am ready to bare it all in order to entertain my readers (still not sure I have any of those). But in the beginning when I started this blog, I did state or promise (hmmmm, my memory is foggy) that I would blog about EVERYTHING that has to do with creating Mellow! Up until now, I have been hiding behind the "opening up" fear and only blogged straight forward info, well that changes today or I have begun ranting instead, either way in addition to the beverage info, will now be rambling blogging as well (quick turn on the tv, this news had to make the headlines)! Where is Scarlett when you need her...I hear her voice in my head..."I do declare...", she is the master at "self serving" behavior (a term I learned from American Idol, ok now I am saying too much that can and will be held against me at a later date, that is, if any reader has made it this far into the blog!)

Getting back to Tweeting...this growth spurt for Mellow is a big deal (but probably not to anyone else yet), creating the Mellow buzz that is, well, buzzing and being buzzed about is in fact quite exciting! We have been mentioned by some pretty amazing (and much more popular than us) people in less than a few days!! Call me crazy but I think we even have another company that already has a relaxation drink on the market, a bit irritated by our imminent arrival. They mentioned us in a Tweet and due to the wording at the beginning of the Tweet..."YOU can find us online too" (duh!) I think it was a little passive aggressive if you ask me, wait is any one asking me? Which brings me to our next topic...

I have never experienced so much one sided communication, is any one listening, is that even the appropriate question? I am still trying to figure out how to measure this? Are you, my ghost readers, suppose to leave behind comments that I can snicker about and exclaim, "Im so misunderstood", (about what I couldnt possibly tell you) all the while glowing that someone took the time to notice my blog?? I dont know but I am working on getting to the bottom of this, it will just take a little more time than I had expected, after all I have alot of spam to get through, Twitter comes with some interesting followers, the most unique yet was this morning, one that I cannot tell you about no matter how much I want to share it, but I will say this...if I was in need of some female "friends", I would be Hugh Hefner in about 2 hours!

Thank you to the few of you (you know who you are, even if I dont) that do take the time to read about all we are doing, we appreciate the support...even though my heart is in a jesting mood, the leaps and bounds Mellow has taken the last two weeks is seriously AMAZING!

Stay tuned...have to go, I haven't Tweeted for as long as this has taken me to write...can anyone say withdrawals??

See you on Twitter... http://twitter.com/DrinkMellow

Forever grateful (you got this far),

Rookie Blogger

Monday, August 31, 2009

Mellow Update

Mellow had an extraordinary week! We found an office, took on a local business number (702.635.9006, spells out MELW-006), moved in to our office, made valuable contacts from media and industry distribution channels, blogged about our healing ingredients, designed and ordered much needed POS materials, confirmed our formulation ROCKS, and so much more that I have memory overload and well after learning how to refine placing Mellow in front of hundreds of Twitter fans, even from the couch over the weekend (not an easy fete considering the iPhone has a pitiful battery life). We are just warming up! http://twitter.com/DrinkMellow

Stay tuned because this week will be a plethora of productivity! Also watch for links to some absolutely amazing blogs full of more info than we could blog to you alone! So much is coming this week, I am excited for us!

Lastly...to Jaycee Dugard...through out this new week, we hope you find the peace you and your girls deserve to be comforted in...our hearts are with you and your family in your time of healing and self discovery...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Valerian's Magic

Valerian is an herb of substantial function, I look forward to promoting this plant in Mellow. It gives me great confidence that Valerian will be equally responsible to its counterparts in the function of this beverage!

Q: What is Valerian Root?

The name is believed to come from the Latin word "valere" meaning to be healthy or strong. The root of the plant is believed to contain its active constituents. Use of valerian as a sedative and anti-anxiety treatment has been reported for more than 2,000 years. Valerian is a perennial plant that has also been used as an herbal remedy by the Ancient Greeks, who used it to treat digestive problems. The herb grows in damp areas throughout the Americas, Europe and northern Asia. So you can understand why Mellow chose to include this historical ingredient!

Q: What function does Valerian perform in Mellow?

• Reduces muscular pain/ability to act as a muscle relaxant
• Remedy for tension headaches
• Creates a general feeling of well-being
• Induces a feeling of calm, relaxation and peace of mind
• Enhances mental alertness and concentration
• Calming effect for those that experience panic attacks/anxiety due to stress
• Reduces mild headaches

Q: Does Valerian have any known side effects?

In contrast to prescription sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications, Valerian root's side effects are rare. Particularly significant is the fact that Valerian root does not cause the feeling of grogginess associated with the use of prescription sleep aids. Further, the herb is not addictive.

sources: nlm.nih.gov, Wikiedia, vitamins.ultimatefatburner.com, about.com

My favorite Mellow ingredient, Passion flower

Let me start by saying, I truly believe one of the most natural (and smartest) ways to help maintain overall health and emotional balance is the use of herbs and vitamins. Herbs and vitamins are used around the world, in every culture to help provide support for those coping with anxiety, depression, stress, sleep difficulty, and cognitive function issues such as perception, memory, creation of imagery, and thinking; cognitive function also encompasses awareness and warrants the capacity for judgment. The Passion flower is no exception; it boasts an array of functionality, which is why we chose this flower as one of our ingredients.

This by far is my favorite ingredient, not just because of the name or even the extraordinary beauty which these vines produce but because of how gentle, yet effective this flower is as a calming element. Passion flower is complex, yet lends an elegant grace when combined with other herbs. It is naturally brilliant, scientists still don't understand the precise mechanism of action as to how it works exactly, just that this knowledge is backed by the flowers integrity which is offered in every bloom.

Q: What is Passion Flower?

Passion flower is a genus of around 500 different species of flowering plants of the Passifloraceae family. Mostly vines, with some being shrubs, a few are herbaceous (that was quite technical, but now you know!). Passion flower bears small berry-like fruit called grandilla. The bright flowers and aerial (growing above ground) parts of the Passion Flower plant are used in medicinal compounds to promote emotional balance through relaxation of the nervous system.

Q: What functions does Passion flower perform in Mellow?

• Combats restlessness
• Nervous tension
• Creates a general feeling of well-being
• Induces a feeling of peace, relaxation and clarity
• Enhances mental alertness and concentration
• Can have a calming effect for those that experience panic attacks/anxiety due to stress
• Reduces mild mood swings/irritability

Q: Does Passion flower have side effects?

Large amounts of Passion Flower have not been shown to cause adverse reactions, however, it is always recommended to consult a health care professional before using any dietary supplement, especially if you are taking other medications.

sources: anxiety-and-depression-solutions.com, Wikiedia, altmedicine.about.com, vitamin-insight.com

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Facebook Contest!! Become a fan and win the first case of Mellow!!

To celebrate the arrival of our samples today, we are having a contest...join Mellow's fan page on Face book and see what it takes (not much!!) to win the first case of Mellow...from now until Wednesday, Aug. 26th at midnight!!


Kava 101

Mellow's superior ingredients offer such amazing functions to the mind, body and spirit! I will give detailed descriptions of each until I have covered them all! I will start with Kava, a well respected and very enjoyable herbal root.

Q: What is kava?

Kava, also kava kava, is a tall shrub in the pepper family that grows in the South Pacific islands. It has been used there for thousands of years as a folk remedy and as a social and ceremonial beverage. The part of the plant used medicinally is the root. Unlike many conventional chemical versions, kava doesn’t seem to cloud the mind or become addictive.

Q: What function does kava perform in Mellow?

• Relaxes muscles/Relieves pain
• Calms nerves
• Creates a general feeling of well-being
• Induces a feeling of peace, relaxation and contentment
• Enhances mental alertness and concentration
• Can have a calming effect for those trying to stop smoking or drinking alcohol
• Reduces inhibitions and makes people more sociable

Q: Can I consume Mellow any time of the day?

In our hectic, modern society “Mellow time” is anytime. The fact that kava (or any of Mellow's other ingredients) does not slow one’s mental capacity, allows for it to be consumed during the day especially when we find ourselves anxious or in heightened stressful situations like:

• Going on a date
• Visiting the dentist/doctor
• Giving a presentation
• Attending a party
• Business meetings or Hanging out with your kids
• Enhance athletic abilities
• Boarding a plane
• Taking an exam or Studying

Even though we can drink Mellow at any time we do have our favorite time to relax and that is after work, or at the end of our day when the kava’s delightful, pleasurable, relaxing effects can be experienced at the most optimal point when one is able to relax into a happy, peaceful state with complete mental alertness.

Please note...when Mellow is consumed before bedtime, it induces a restful sleep and encourages a refreshed feeling upon awakening. Also because of its low natural sugar content, it will not interfere with complete restful sleep.

Q: Does kava have side effects?

Kava has no side effects when taken in moderate doses, under 210 mg per day (Mellow will list mg per serving on all packaging). kava does not "build up" in the system, therefore, a tolerance does not occur, which simply means the body will not need more and more as kava is consumed (this occurs with most conventional methods of relaxants, such as alcohol or Valium). Every time you drink kava it will give you the same effect in the same dosage as before, this helps us to consume in moderation, as is important in everything we do! It is so safe, historically children have been given kava for centuries for many reasons, mainly to aide in calming down the challenges that parallel childhood.

sources: kava.com, Wikipedia, altmedicine.about.com, vitamin-insight.com

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anticipating Mellow...

An important and much anticipated sample batch of Mellow is shipping tomorrow! It's like Christmas...I have butterflies!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buzz kill

Generating a buzz is very tiring...Tweeting, Facebooking, Blogging, Surveying while trying to keep my cute 5 yr old entertained...can't keep my eyes open...goodnight...

Thank you....

Your votes are so important at this final stage of flavor creation or decision rather!

Keep them coming...I'm hearing ya!!


What is Mellow?

I must have assumed you are all clairvoyant and knew what Mellow was, for those of you that are not, it will be explained now...

The name of this new beverage I created is "Mellow" a little foreshadowing, if you will, as to its function. It is a proprietary herbal combination of valerian root, l- theanine, kava kava, passion flower, lemon balm and chamomile, which is then delicately blended with green tea (no caffeine though!), B vitamins and CO-Q10 and lightly sweetened with a kiss of organic agave nectar and a sprinkle of stevia.

What happens when you place these exceptional ingredients together is a balanced beverage that will aide in the function of achieving relaxation. The very things our bodies are stripped of when we are overly caffeinated, experience heightened levels of stress on a regular basis and drained from too much to do everyday, is replaced when you drink Mellow.

Each ingredient has been extensively researched and strategically added to make a formula that is calming, full of antioxidants, supports optimal brain function and restores your body so that it can utilize its own energy sources without artificial stimulants and chemicals. I have worked closely with multiple chemists, which produce formulations for "big label" companies, they are now a trusted partner with Mellow, bringing our consumer the best formulation possible.

Mellow is essentially a natural way to relax whenever it is needed, its effective and safe enough to drink during the day as its results bring you to a calming, balanced, happy state. It is so good for you, that it is even safe for children. Not to mention, it tastes like fruit that is in its freshest state, just ripe off the vine, ready to be sipped and enjoyed so cold that the can instantly drips little water beads when held in your hand for the first time!

The relaxation market has recently been tapped by a few competitors, however we will be the first and only company that will offer all of the ingredients in their natural state, free of chemicals and harmful components.

The first release will be a 16 oz can and the second release will be a 2 oz shot, for those of you that just cant wait to be free of stress!

We are working hard to launch in October...until then, we will be keeping you posted via this blog!!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me: Shannon@DrinkMellow.com.

Stay groovy,

VOTE on the first flavor of Mellow!!

Thank you to those of you that have lent your support, your opinions on the logo and label dilemma and also to you die hard Mellow fans (a girl can live the dream now, right?) that have taken the time to vote today!

Help us decide on the release flavor!! Your voices will be heard...I hope mine is....


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

No closer

I am laying in bed no closer to a label, as a matter of fact I lay here even more frustrated...I have the support of talented and creative people by my side and I still can't get there...ugh!!

I am officially whining and I am painfully aware I just need to make a decision.

Until then...

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Second attempt, the colors are off...

The colors should be a bright yellow background with deep pink letters...hmmmm...

Mellow Logo

Label design blues...

So a little over two years ago, I created my own energy drink. I was not thrilled with consumer response (actually, lack of it), so I started brain storming to come up with another beverage concept, because I realized only a unique, niche product would ever create a noticeable market presence in the rapidly growing functional beverage sector of the industry!

My moment HAPPENED when I brilliantly (it felt brilliant anyway!) came up with the exact opposite of an energy drink, an idea I am sure I was not the first to have, however, I, as fate would have it, am going to be the first to have "an all natural, proprietary herb combination, very low organic sugar content, and finished off with just the right amount of vitamins" RELAXATION drink!!

OK, so now that you know this part of the story, you can pretty much fast forward some of the blanks to now (other chapters of how this came to fruition will be in later blogs)...I made a label some time ago but the original label design needs to evolve and after changing the size from 12 oz to a more consumable 16 oz, the label must now print on the can (goodbye shrink sleeves)! The pressure is now 1,000 times more than before to make the design the best it can be for this initial launch!! This is where I have been for over two weeks and I am quite drained and after a series of creative blocks, I am taking a 24 hr period away from thinking about it, I will resume on Wednesday and I hope I will report on Thursday that it is FINALLY DONE!!

**To add a little magic to the story...I recently have had my love, Rodney, join forces with me, he will bring so much to the drink on many levels! He already helped in breathing new life into the drinks release (it was shelved for almost a year due to a few set backs). I thought he deserved some credit!! He will add his own blogs shortly, that I guarantee will be humorous and fun!!

By the way...I will post all the "almost labels" in a graveyard gallery soon...stay tuned...


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome to my passion...creating! Another vision coming to fruition...my relaxation drink I created almost three years ago! I love this refreshing and functional beverage, it has been paired with so many amazing herbs and vitamins to provide a relaxing and calming effect, it even works in the most heightened, stressful situations! Stay tuned because I will keep everyone posted, the Mellow launch is near...until then...be Mellow (when appropriate of course!)...