Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have a very Mellow New Year!

Happy New Year friends! What an amazing year! With expectations that 2010 will be even BETTER!!

So much has been accomplished, not exactly how I had anticipated, regardless, amazing strides have taken place. The long long long hours needed to be persistent about the end goal...Mellow, have been worthwhile. Even though we did not launch our all natural formula in 2009, it is right around the corner!

Hang in there, I assure you Mellow is worth the wait, I just so happen to know because I have personally put many years of my life into researching, creating, developing, and branding this amazing beverage!

Mellow will be a much needed stress reliever that will provide extraordinary balance to your mind, body, and life! So essentially very soon, you will reap all the benefits of my "non" Mellow moments, and believe me there have been MANY!

Maybe upon reflection(*smile*)...being a perfectionist has probably been the root of most of my stress, no matter though because I will soon release Mellow proudly, knowing I am bringing the most superior product to YOU!! I have reformulated Mellow over the past three years so many times, that I am certain there is not another product that compares! Me and my team of experts have ROCKED this!! You all would already know this but unexpectedly, right before producing a HUGE batch of Mellow, that was to be immediately released, BAM! another obstacle hit.


Dont worry though, Mellow will release this groovy beverage real soon! Even though this delay appeared on the Mellow scene, we are overcoming...thank you for your continued support and before you know it...ahhhh a refreshing and tasty Mellow will be in your hands!!

Much love and gratitude,
"Monster Perfectionist"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just a small town girl, living in a Mellow world...

Dear Friends,

The ingredients in Mellow are combined to produce a superior blend of herbs and vitamins that will help alleviate your stress and support a balanced immune system. The release of the all natural Mellow will be shortly after the New Year!

Thank you for your continued support, the Mellow family is grateful and is wishing you a season full of peace and love...

Happy Holidays,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Road to Mellow

How often does something come easy? In my world, even though I'm a legend here, not very often. I have experienced, like most, that the road is long, dark and even at times, very cold and wet. Before I begin strumming the lyrics of a sad and lonely country song, (after all I am a small town girl) I want to add that even so, I wouldn't alter my path that has led me here to Mellow for anything.

I have been a slave to this new beverage concept for years, before anyone else began playing with the idea of an all natural relaxation beverage (hey skeptics, I can prove this!). Most never anticipated Mellow coming to it's entire fruition, however, I've managed to create a very big buzz thats not so Mellow and even a little spark of controversy.

Though the climb has been long, and I have to keep on pushing everyday, the reward of releasing Mellow in a bigger way than ever before, will have made it all worth while!

Now I am beginning a new chapter of this journey...so stay tuned...

Peace Love & Mellow


Please feel free to email Shannon@DrinkMellow.com for any questions you may have!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks for your support!

Dearest Mellow Friends,
Be confident that when you Drink Mellow your body will quickly absorb our unique ingredients that create a safe, calming effect. Allow all your cares and worries to drift away. Naturally you can visualize this amazing feeling. Most important of all you experience relaxation, comfort and tranquility from drinking Mellow. Now you have clarity and a calming strength.

You've got what it takes to improve your life, you just needed a little help from us!

Always dream, and enjoy what resulted from our vision,
The Mellow Family

Peace Love & Mellow

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