Monday, August 31, 2009

Mellow Update

Mellow had an extraordinary week! We found an office, took on a local business number (702.635.9006, spells out MELW-006), moved in to our office, made valuable contacts from media and industry distribution channels, blogged about our healing ingredients, designed and ordered much needed POS materials, confirmed our formulation ROCKS, and so much more that I have memory overload and well after learning how to refine placing Mellow in front of hundreds of Twitter fans, even from the couch over the weekend (not an easy fete considering the iPhone has a pitiful battery life). We are just warming up!

Stay tuned because this week will be a plethora of productivity! Also watch for links to some absolutely amazing blogs full of more info than we could blog to you alone! So much is coming this week, I am excited for us! Jaycee Dugard...through out this new week, we hope you find the peace you and your girls deserve to be comforted in...our hearts are with you and your family in your time of healing and self discovery...

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