Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is Mellow?

I must have assumed you are all clairvoyant and knew what Mellow was, for those of you that are not, it will be explained now...

The name of this new beverage I created is "Mellow" a little foreshadowing, if you will, as to its function. It is a proprietary herbal combination of valerian root, l- theanine, kava kava, passion flower, lemon balm and chamomile, which is then delicately blended with green tea (no caffeine though!), B vitamins and CO-Q10 and lightly sweetened with a kiss of organic agave nectar and a sprinkle of stevia.

What happens when you place these exceptional ingredients together is a balanced beverage that will aide in the function of achieving relaxation. The very things our bodies are stripped of when we are overly caffeinated, experience heightened levels of stress on a regular basis and drained from too much to do everyday, is replaced when you drink Mellow.

Each ingredient has been extensively researched and strategically added to make a formula that is calming, full of antioxidants, supports optimal brain function and restores your body so that it can utilize its own energy sources without artificial stimulants and chemicals. I have worked closely with multiple chemists, which produce formulations for "big label" companies, they are now a trusted partner with Mellow, bringing our consumer the best formulation possible.

Mellow is essentially a natural way to relax whenever it is needed, its effective and safe enough to drink during the day as its results bring you to a calming, balanced, happy state. It is so good for you, that it is even safe for children. Not to mention, it tastes like fruit that is in its freshest state, just ripe off the vine, ready to be sipped and enjoyed so cold that the can instantly drips little water beads when held in your hand for the first time!

The relaxation market has recently been tapped by a few competitors, however we will be the first and only company that will offer all of the ingredients in their natural state, free of chemicals and harmful components.

The first release will be a 16 oz can and the second release will be a 2 oz shot, for those of you that just cant wait to be free of stress!

We are working hard to launch in October...until then, we will be keeping you posted via this blog!!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me:

Stay groovy,

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