Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Label design blues...

So a little over two years ago, I created my own energy drink. I was not thrilled with consumer response (actually, lack of it), so I started brain storming to come up with another beverage concept, because I realized only a unique, niche product would ever create a noticeable market presence in the rapidly growing functional beverage sector of the industry!

My moment HAPPENED when I brilliantly (it felt brilliant anyway!) came up with the exact opposite of an energy drink, an idea I am sure I was not the first to have, however, I, as fate would have it, am going to be the first to have "an all natural, proprietary herb combination, very low organic sugar content, and finished off with just the right amount of vitamins" RELAXATION drink!!

OK, so now that you know this part of the story, you can pretty much fast forward some of the blanks to now (other chapters of how this came to fruition will be in later blogs)...I made a label some time ago but the original label design needs to evolve and after changing the size from 12 oz to a more consumable 16 oz, the label must now print on the can (goodbye shrink sleeves)! The pressure is now 1,000 times more than before to make the design the best it can be for this initial launch!! This is where I have been for over two weeks and I am quite drained and after a series of creative blocks, I am taking a 24 hr period away from thinking about it, I will resume on Wednesday and I hope I will report on Thursday that it is FINALLY DONE!!

**To add a little magic to the story...I recently have had my love, Rodney, join forces with me, he will bring so much to the drink on many levels! He already helped in breathing new life into the drinks release (it was shelved for almost a year due to a few set backs). I thought he deserved some credit!! He will add his own blogs shortly, that I guarantee will be humorous and fun!!

By the way...I will post all the "almost labels" in a graveyard gallery soon...stay tuned...


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