Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Road to Mellow

How often does something come easy? In my world, even though I'm a legend here, not very often. I have experienced, like most, that the road is long, dark and even at times, very cold and wet. Before I begin strumming the lyrics of a sad and lonely country song, (after all I am a small town girl) I want to add that even so, I wouldn't alter my path that has led me here to Mellow for anything.

I have been a slave to this new beverage concept for years, before anyone else began playing with the idea of an all natural relaxation beverage (hey skeptics, I can prove this!). Most never anticipated Mellow coming to it's entire fruition, however, I've managed to create a very big buzz thats not so Mellow and even a little spark of controversy.

Though the climb has been long, and I have to keep on pushing everyday, the reward of releasing Mellow in a bigger way than ever before, will have made it all worth while!

Now I am beginning a new chapter of this stay tuned...

Peace Love & Mellow


Please feel free to email for any questions you may have!

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