Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Storm!

It has been some time since the last Mellow post and well, things are anything but Mellow! Some very sleazy people have kept Mellow out of the market place by using horrid and fraudulent business practices and abusing the federal court system. We here at Mellow, have been bullied, lied to and wrongfully sued for the very trademark that is rightfully ours. It is now time to let you all in on whats been going on for almost a year now and explain why you never had the pleasure of witnessing our launch!

I will post often as to not overwhelm you with the entire story at once, I will also post evidence to support my claims, there is PLENTY of that! It is unfortunate that our justice system allows such criminal activity to occur, a woman owned business is being bullied, even though Mellow is continuing to fight, when its all said and done, its an insane battle to keep fighting liars, cheaters and crooks. However, with that said, the fight isnt over (not until the last bitter words of the judge are uttered to me, no matter how many years that takes, not to mention I still believe justice will prevail in my favor, bad guys dont win in the end, right?), and my fight to expose them has just begun, I hope to at least reveal, on every format possible, what nasty people can do and possibly get away with.

I also hope you will help spread the word and bring down the company that truly deserves to go under by NOT purchasing their products, if indeed they are really out there, I cant find proof of their claims of being in stores! Not surprising since they have lied about everything else too!!

Stay this weekend (Aug. 14th) I will reveal who this company is and what they have done, in specific DETAILS! My integrity of keeping my silence has been abused and used against me to keep the real Mellow out of the market place, NO LONGER will this continue!

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