Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pre-order Mellow TODAY!

Ok, its finally time to place your pre-orders for Mellow, all natural relaxation beverage! This new yummy beverage will help relax our minds and calm our stressful lives...

The flavor is a refreshing and great tasting Pomegranate, main active calming ingredients are: Kava Kava, L-Theanine, Valerian Root, and Passion Flower. Other vitamins and anti oxidants are Pomegranate, B-Vitamins, CO-Q10 and Decaf Green Tea. It is sweetened with organic blue agave nectar and stevia, with only 50 calories per serving. Each case has 24-12 oz cans per case, shrink wrapped. There are 80 cases per pallet.

Distributors/Retailers, please email for cost, minimums and for an estimated delivery time.

Individual orders/sales of quantities under 40 cases will be received beginning October 19th, 2009.

Inquiries or questions are always welcome! Please call the Mellow office @ 702.635.9006 Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm, Pacific Standard Time. Please times we experience high call volumes, if you reach our voice mail, please leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to helping you spread Mellow across the country in order to de-stress humankind!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mellow Cocktail Recipes

A little soon but save these two yummy cocktail recipes!

We will be serving these drinks at Mellow's release party...stay tuned for the date!

Peace Love & Mellow

2 oz Mandarin Vodka
8 oz Mellow, all natural relaxation drink
2 orange slices
Mint leaves
1 tsp. large crystal sugar

**On bottom of glass crush 1 orange slice, mint leaves and sugar enough to release oils from the orange and mint, crush ice in a towel (optional), pour 1 ounce of vodka, pour Mellow and then remaining vodka, stir and garnish with sugar coated remaining orange slice.

For a Mellow Time...

1 part vodka
1 part Mellow, all natural relaxation drink
1 cherry
1 tsp. 24 kt. gold flakes

**Garnish rim with gold. Place a drop of simple syrup at bottom of martini glass, place cherry securely. Shake vodka and Mellow together until cold, slowly pour drink.

Mellow's Biggest Little Fan!

Mellow's First EVER vehicle wrap!!

Mellow's Ingredient Cheat Sheet

Here is the ingredient list in it's entirety:

All Natural, Active Ingredients:

*Kava Kava ~Relaxing properties
*Valerian Root ~Calming elements
*Passion Flower ~Nerve/Stress support
L-Theanine ~Focus/Antioxidant elements
Lemon Balm ~Antibacterial properties, 2007 herb of the year
Chamomile ~Peace elements
CO-Q10 ~Brain support
B-Vitamin Blend ~Immune support
B-12 ~Natural energy source
Decaf Green Tea ~Antioxidant source
Pomegranate ~Antioxidant elements

*Notes archived articles on ingredient available in past Blog posts.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mellow welcomes our newest Team Members!

Here's a typical scenario...I open a new post, begin it in the draft folder, log out of the blog and continue on with Mellow's never-ending duties! Time and time again. So swirling around my head they have, these thoughts of mine...until now...

In almost one single movement, I slide to the edge of my seat, adjust my wrists, extend my long fingers and straighten my posture. I am struggling a bit today though, I am typing (actually pecking) on a new key board, with keys that are just positioned differently enough that I have to keep correcting misspellings.

Maybe this post should actually be a cry for help, I have, of course realized that I cannot possibly continue wearing all 101 different "hats" while building a relaxation beverage empire (my family wants me to move into Mellow's office until further notice, due to my ill tempered behavior the last couple weeks). Now I say this not because I haven't been offered some help (and have even received some too), I have, however, I must over see (do it for them) this assistance. So what can I do?

Well, I found a solution...bring on more talented people to get Mellow moving forward in full stride, not to mention, they will add to our journey a few more stories! We have two new members to the Mellow team, Jordan Cassel and Tony Richardson, both experienced in sales and marketing and both willing to help Mellow grow!

As I turn down a lovely french song, that has been oozing "sitting in a cafe without a care in the world" musical delight from my speakers all morning, I am now ready to introduce to you, the Mellow supporters, our newest team members...


Jordan Cassel is almost a native to Las Vegas, he has lived here for over 30 years and enjoys the desert, he spends more time outdoors experiencing beautiful Las Vegas hiking, snowboarding, practicing yoga and playing golf and tennis, the only time I know of him coming inside to play is when he is sitting at the nail salon getting his toes painted (this week they are orange and navy blue, in honor of the Chicago Bears!). Actually, he does bake from time to time too! The experience Jordan brings to Mellow is invaluable, as is his energy that "gets it done!". Jordan is an all around great guy, definitely a true asset to Mellow!

Tony Richardson was born and raised in Las Vegas, this makes him born cool (Rodney and I were born and raised here too, so props are always given to natives!). He is a father of two great kids and a man that can enjoy the "Mellow-er" side of life, whether it is listening to classical music, strolling through an art gallery or just dining on his favorite sushi dinner talking about the philosophy of life. He also rides his motorcycle everyday, even in this extreme heat! He is a dedicated die hard with everything he does, we are ecstatic he is on our team!

Mellow welcomes you both and thanks you for believing in us and committing your time and energy to help make Mellow a huge success, we need you both in order for Mellow to achieve a distinct presence in the market place and we are certain you will be here a long time in order to see that happen.

In Health,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dont be bored of me yet!!

Ok, Im feeling a little lag with my readers attention (call it intuition), what can I do to make this more interesting? Hire a principal blogger? No, whats the point, so impersonal? Stop blogging? What, stop talking? Insert a bunch of other blogger articles, sure... a few would be fun. However, I think blogging a little intrigue may help...

Twittering...ok, let me tell you, Im a little obsessed in stirring Mellow around the Twitter "pot" right now, just in the last 24 hours, our Twitter account has improved by over 200% in 4 of the 5 categories (the fifth needing almost no improvement still went up over 15%). There are actually multiple sites that measure this, and I barely know how to Tweet, just wait 'til I get warmed up! This rapid success does come with a price though, I have not showered or have barely left the house in two days, writing this out loud, I am even more disgusted but I am EMERGING (thats a technical Tweeting term btw) into a Twitter powerhouse, an honorable self mention...and my hair thanks me for being able to bask in its own oils that help it maintain a lovely sheen (am I officially guilty of TMI)! Just for the record, I did place and receive a few very important phone calls, and I also worked on Mellow regarding multiple facets (ouch, guilt can bite hard) amongst the barking dogs, delivery drivers (how much can one street of houses need) and landscaper madness going on all day around me.

**side note...Can all this info be held against me at a later, more vulnerable time? I always wonder this when writing, how much to share, what not to mention...this is the very reason I have absolutely NO childhood journals, petrified of any one knowing my deepest thoughts, well this is a good start I suppose in releasing my inhibitions and any "coolness" I may have had left (is that a word anyone older than 10 uses, goes to show you, kids rob you of this long before I was ready to admit it!). I have always taken pride in my mysterious side, which is translated into "why is she so secretive?" so here I am ready to bare it all in order to entertain my readers (still not sure I have any of those). But in the beginning when I started this blog, I did state or promise (hmmmm, my memory is foggy) that I would blog about EVERYTHING that has to do with creating Mellow! Up until now, I have been hiding behind the "opening up" fear and only blogged straight forward info, well that changes today or I have begun ranting instead, either way in addition to the beverage info, will now be rambling blogging as well (quick turn on the tv, this news had to make the headlines)! Where is Scarlett when you need her...I hear her voice in my head..."I do declare...", she is the master at "self serving" behavior (a term I learned from American Idol, ok now I am saying too much that can and will be held against me at a later date, that is, if any reader has made it this far into the blog!)

Getting back to Tweeting...this growth spurt for Mellow is a big deal (but probably not to anyone else yet), creating the Mellow buzz that is, well, buzzing and being buzzed about is in fact quite exciting! We have been mentioned by some pretty amazing (and much more popular than us) people in less than a few days!! Call me crazy but I think we even have another company that already has a relaxation drink on the market, a bit irritated by our imminent arrival. They mentioned us in a Tweet and due to the wording at the beginning of the Tweet..."YOU can find us online too" (duh!) I think it was a little passive aggressive if you ask me, wait is any one asking me? Which brings me to our next topic...

I have never experienced so much one sided communication, is any one listening, is that even the appropriate question? I am still trying to figure out how to measure this? Are you, my ghost readers, suppose to leave behind comments that I can snicker about and exclaim, "Im so misunderstood", (about what I couldnt possibly tell you) all the while glowing that someone took the time to notice my blog?? I dont know but I am working on getting to the bottom of this, it will just take a little more time than I had expected, after all I have alot of spam to get through, Twitter comes with some interesting followers, the most unique yet was this morning, one that I cannot tell you about no matter how much I want to share it, but I will say this...if I was in need of some female "friends", I would be Hugh Hefner in about 2 hours!

Thank you to the few of you (you know who you are, even if I dont) that do take the time to read about all we are doing, we appreciate the support...even though my heart is in a jesting mood, the leaps and bounds Mellow has taken the last two weeks is seriously AMAZING!

Stay tuned...have to go, I haven't Tweeted for as long as this has taken me to write...can anyone say withdrawals??

See you on Twitter...

Forever grateful (you got this far),

Rookie Blogger