Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kava 101

Mellow's superior ingredients offer such amazing functions to the mind, body and spirit! I will give detailed descriptions of each until I have covered them all! I will start with Kava, a well respected and very enjoyable herbal root.

Q: What is kava?

Kava, also kava kava, is a tall shrub in the pepper family that grows in the South Pacific islands. It has been used there for thousands of years as a folk remedy and as a social and ceremonial beverage. The part of the plant used medicinally is the root. Unlike many conventional chemical versions, kava doesn’t seem to cloud the mind or become addictive.

Q: What function does kava perform in Mellow?

• Relaxes muscles/Relieves pain
• Calms nerves
• Creates a general feeling of well-being
• Induces a feeling of peace, relaxation and contentment
• Enhances mental alertness and concentration
• Can have a calming effect for those trying to stop smoking or drinking alcohol
• Reduces inhibitions and makes people more sociable

Q: Can I consume Mellow any time of the day?

In our hectic, modern society “Mellow time” is anytime. The fact that kava (or any of Mellow's other ingredients) does not slow one’s mental capacity, allows for it to be consumed during the day especially when we find ourselves anxious or in heightened stressful situations like:

• Going on a date
• Visiting the dentist/doctor
• Giving a presentation
• Attending a party
• Business meetings or Hanging out with your kids
• Enhance athletic abilities
• Boarding a plane
• Taking an exam or Studying

Even though we can drink Mellow at any time we do have our favorite time to relax and that is after work, or at the end of our day when the kava’s delightful, pleasurable, relaxing effects can be experienced at the most optimal point when one is able to relax into a happy, peaceful state with complete mental alertness.

Please note...when Mellow is consumed before bedtime, it induces a restful sleep and encourages a refreshed feeling upon awakening. Also because of its low natural sugar content, it will not interfere with complete restful sleep.

Q: Does kava have side effects?

Kava has no side effects when taken in moderate doses, under 210 mg per day (Mellow will list mg per serving on all packaging). kava does not "build up" in the system, therefore, a tolerance does not occur, which simply means the body will not need more and more as kava is consumed (this occurs with most conventional methods of relaxants, such as alcohol or Valium). Every time you drink kava it will give you the same effect in the same dosage as before, this helps us to consume in moderation, as is important in everything we do! It is so safe, historically children have been given kava for centuries for many reasons, mainly to aide in calming down the challenges that parallel childhood.

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