Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mellow welcomes our newest Team Members!

Here's a typical scenario...I open a new post, begin it in the draft folder, log out of the blog and continue on with Mellow's never-ending duties! Time and time again. So swirling around my head they have, these thoughts of mine...until now...

In almost one single movement, I slide to the edge of my seat, adjust my wrists, extend my long fingers and straighten my posture. I am struggling a bit today though, I am typing (actually pecking) on a new key board, with keys that are just positioned differently enough that I have to keep correcting misspellings.

Maybe this post should actually be a cry for help, I have, of course realized that I cannot possibly continue wearing all 101 different "hats" while building a relaxation beverage empire (my family wants me to move into Mellow's office until further notice, due to my ill tempered behavior the last couple weeks). Now I say this not because I haven't been offered some help (and have even received some too), I have, however, I must over see (do it for them) this assistance. So what can I do?

Well, I found a solution...bring on more talented people to get Mellow moving forward in full stride, not to mention, they will add to our journey a few more stories! We have two new members to the Mellow team, Jordan Cassel and Tony Richardson, both experienced in sales and marketing and both willing to help Mellow grow!

As I turn down a lovely french song, that has been oozing "sitting in a cafe without a care in the world" musical delight from my speakers all morning, I am now ready to introduce to you, the Mellow supporters, our newest team members...


Jordan Cassel is almost a native to Las Vegas, he has lived here for over 30 years and enjoys the desert, he spends more time outdoors experiencing beautiful Las Vegas hiking, snowboarding, practicing yoga and playing golf and tennis, the only time I know of him coming inside to play is when he is sitting at the nail salon getting his toes painted (this week they are orange and navy blue, in honor of the Chicago Bears!). Actually, he does bake from time to time too! The experience Jordan brings to Mellow is invaluable, as is his energy that "gets it done!". Jordan is an all around great guy, definitely a true asset to Mellow!

Tony Richardson was born and raised in Las Vegas, this makes him born cool (Rodney and I were born and raised here too, so props are always given to natives!). He is a father of two great kids and a man that can enjoy the "Mellow-er" side of life, whether it is listening to classical music, strolling through an art gallery or just dining on his favorite sushi dinner talking about the philosophy of life. He also rides his motorcycle everyday, even in this extreme heat! He is a dedicated die hard with everything he does, we are ecstatic he is on our team!

Mellow welcomes you both and thanks you for believing in us and committing your time and energy to help make Mellow a huge success, we need you both in order for Mellow to achieve a distinct presence in the market place and we are certain you will be here a long time in order to see that happen.

In Health,

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