Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mellow's Arrival!

The delay is over! Well, not exactly but because of the long process of resolving some of our outside issues, Mellow will launch in spite of it! Even though I may have to remain unclear as to what the hold up was at this time (stay tuned for an explanation soon!), its not going to be the reason you cant drink a relaxing Mellow any longer!

Too many distribution channels are waiting in extreme anticipation (over 5,000, plus an international deal...shhhh) for what was promised to them months ago, however, NO MORE TIME WILL BE LOST...thank you all for the amazing support during this time, I will keep you posted, were only a short time away from listing all the awesome stores that you will be able to buy Mellow, all natural relaxation beverage!

I can hear the machines pumping Mellow into the cans now...ahhhhh! After all it only took one phone call to make this all happen...the team was waiting for the go ahead and well, they got it!

For further info, and to place your orders (3 palette minimum, all POS material and direct consumer support provided by Mellow)...please email or call the office 702.635.9006 today!

Estimated arrival date: early February

Its going to take cases of Mellow to calm my excitement down, actually, I'm going to relish in this long awaited moment...look for a refreshing can of all natural Mellow near you does matter what you drink, so drink the best!

Peace Love & Mellow

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